With the years of experience Phillip has picked up in the cleaning industry, he's now ready to give something back and share some of his precious knowledge with the world. These cleaning tips are guaranteed!

  1. When cleaning the oven, always spray it the night before, wear gloves and do not breath in fumes.
  2. To remove gum left when you pull off a sticker, eucalyptus oil applied with a soft cloth is the best. To avoid scratching the surface, don't use anything abrasive.
  3. Spray bleach into showers to clean off mould. Leave for an hour before scrubbing off, making sure room is ventilated to dissolve fumes.
  4. I use Miele vacuum cleaners. I dont like backpack vacs as they put too much strain on your lower back. I also find that Miele have very strong suction and are reliable.
  5. General dusting is most effective with a slightly damp cotton cloth, which will pick up the dust, not just move it around.
  6. I find that baby oil applied with a soft cotton cloth is very effective and cheap for polishing stainless steel surfaces (eg fridges).
  7. Domestos is very good for cleaning toilets. It is simple and effective.
  8. Windex is also very good as a general purpose spray and wipe, and it does not have a strong smell.
  9. Try to use a squeegee on your glass shower screens after use. If you do it regularly it not allow soap scum to build up.
  10. Most window cleaners use Morning Fresh in warm water applied to the windows, mirrors, shower screens with sponge or (mop) and then squeegeed off - with no streaks. See these expert window cleaning tips.
  11. Try to clean on a regular basis ie. at least once every two weeks so it does not build up, and you can feel more comfortable living in a clean house!
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