Christine - Mona Vale says: "I am a super meticulous person about my brand new house, and have found that Philip and his team have been able to do a fantastic job in cleaning it every fortnight! It has taken me ages to find a really good cleaner. I can really recommend them."

Jan - Forty Baskets says: "I run my business from home and do not have time to clean my house on a regular basis, so I get Philip and his team in once a week to clean and they do a great job. Efficient, honest and thorough! I have used them for over 5 years!"

Karen - Mosman says: "I live in a 5 bedroom 3 story house with 3 kids and 2 dogs. Every 2 weeks Phil and his team come in to give the house a good clean. They also make all the beds and empty all the bins in the house, taking the pressure off me! I am very happy with the service - always consistently high quality."

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